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Les indignes - C.B.G.
Amsterdam, NL December, 2015

Les indignes - This CD represents a very special chapter in the history of the C.B.G.

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20 hours ago


C.B.G Erasing Borders Joachim Badenhorst tenor sax and clarinet Guillermo Celano guitar Clemens van der Feen double bass Marcos Baggiani drums

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Claudio Tursa

Claudio Tursa is an Argentine sound therapist and researcher based in Mexico. During the last decade his work focused especially on the study of the harmonic properties of sound and its benefits in the human body.

Gerard Kleijn

Dutch jazz trumpeter and composer Gerard Kleijn has led a very wide variety of his own groups and has made 12 CD’s as a (co)bandleader, all very well received by the international press and audiences

Marcos Baggiani

Musician, drummer, composer and producer. I was born in Buenos Aires, 1973. It was from this place that I begun playing drums.

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